Published On November 2, 2017 | MagFed Paintball News

Spotted on PbN / ansgear:

The Valken Blackhawk MFG is a magazine fed tactical paintball gun capable of firing First Strike and standard .68 caliber paintballs right out of the box. No modifications or after-market parts necessary! The Valken MFG includes a 13ci 3000psi air tank that sits inside a collapsible stock. By having an attached air tank that sits inside a stock, the Valken Blackhawk MFG is able to get rid of external hoses, making the MFG even more realistic. Other features include a full metal receiver, quad rail barrel shroud, and removable front & rear sights. A picatinny top rail and quad rail barrel shroud provide numerous attachment points for additional accessories such as foregrips, sights, lasers, flashlights etc; also included with every Valken MFG gun is a gun bag.The Valken Blackhawk MFG is a tactical semi-auto paintball gun that brings mil-sim an exciting, well rounded marker at an entry level price. With the realistic look that the Blackhawk MFG features, Valken decided it would be a good idea to keep your gun protected and covered up during transport.


  • Blackhawk platform
  • Magfed marker accommodates both FSR’s and regular paintballs
  • Includes 13 cu HPA Air System – Tank as stock
  • No external hose
  • Pic-a-tinny top rail
  • Includes Gun Bag
  • Semi-Automatic Action
  • Full Metal Receiver vs body

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