New paintball projectile?

Published On November 7, 2016 | MagFed Paintball News

Well this is interesting, it’s definitely something different. Yet similar to the old “Scenario Dreams Sniper Fin Round”.

Projectile : US 20150144018 A1 published May 28, 2015

This invention relates to a non-lethal projectile to be fired using a paintball gun, and more particularly, but not exclusively, to an aerodynamic non-lethal projectile which is used for marking, inhibiting or administering medicinal or other chemical substances to live targets. According to a first aspect of the invention, there is provided a projectile comprising a body shaped to receive a capsule containing a substance, the body having a stabilising member connected thereto for stabilising the projectile in flight when the projectile is discharged from a weapon, and an annular member connected to the stabilising member at a rear end of the projectile for positioning the projectile relative to the weapon and relative to other projectiles to be discharged by the weapon.



See the entire patent application on Google Patent search here: US20150144018


Here’s a pic of the old “Scenario Dreams Sniper Fin Round”.



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